1 Dec 2022

Holy heck, floored at this news and delighted to announce that both H.V. Patterson’s Mother; Microbes and Joe Koch’s Blood Calumny, originally featured in our MONSTRODDITIES and BODIES FULL OF BURNING anthologies respectively, have made it into Tenebrous Press’ cracking best-of book BRAVE NEW WEIRD, which comes out in Feb 2023!

24 Nov 2022

Honoured to see that HV Patterson’s Mother; Microbes from Monstroddities has made it to the shortlist of Tenebrous Press’ inaugural Brave New Weird anthology, along with Joe Koch’s Blood Calumny which first appeared in Bodies Full of Burning!

Congrats to all the nominees!

– Ben

19 Nov 2022

Well, twitter seems to be doing even better this week (#sarcasm) so we’ve been weighing our options up for some kind of reliable social media prescence – mastodon is cool and all but doesn’t seem like the best fit for us. Then we were reminded that tumblr is still around, and a little lightbulb appeared over our heads.

So here we are on tumblr if you want to give us a follow over there!

– Ben

13 Nov 2022

So! Seeing as twitter is a hot mess right now, we thought we’d set up an infrequent blog on here just to keep you updated with current news from the world of Sliced Up Press, just in case anything implodes over there, or we decide to jump ship entirely.

After the release of BLOODLESS, works continue behind the scenes towards our next release, SAND, SALT, BLOOD, which is due to come out around July of next year. Similar to BODIES FULL OF BURNING, we’ll be making a donation to the RNLI around the time of release. Of course, it’s never a bad time to donate to a worthy charity, so if you’d like to drop them some money, you can find details of how to donate and their lifesaving work at

We’re also working on a few other anthology ideas to be announced in the new year, as well as something special which we’re not quite ready to announce properly yet…what we can tell you is that it’s hopefully going to help writers out, and that’s all we’ll say for now!

– Ben

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