12th April 2023

Ooh heck, we’ve only gone and revealed our cover for SAND, SALT, BLOOD (check the homepage and our BOOKS page!) AND opened for preorders via Amazon today!

Review copies of the ebook are now available to reviewers (obviously!), drop us a line via our CONTACT page if you’d like one.

– Ben

19th March 2023

We’ve been busy busy with copy edits and formatting for SAND, SALT, BLOOD for a while, but proof copies of the ebook are now in the hands and inboxes of our 20 fantastic writers, not to mention our equally fantastic editor for this project, Elle Turpitt.

We also have a snazzy cover courtesy of Ellen Avigliano over at, go check out her work! Said cover will be revealed some time between now and our planned publication date of 1st July 2023.

And review copies will be offered out shortly!

– Ben

25th Feb 2023

It’s not been easy to wean off using twitter, but as I’ve said elsewhere, the platform is too badly run now (not that it was run brilliantly before), to the point where I can’t stand using it. I deleted my personal account a while back, and the Sliced Up Press account is now locked & private, and will not be updated. Updates will of course continue on here, and on our tumblr.

– Ben

16th Feb 2023

Congrats to Lita Valentine, the recipient of our 2023 LGBTQIA2S+ horror writers grant!

We hope to be able to offer more support in 2024, and for any LGBTQIA+ writers who missed out on the grant, don’t forget we offer a FREE story editing service too! Check the editing services tab up top for details.

– Ben

14th Feb 2023

Our 2023 writers grant is now CLOSED for applications, and we’ll be choosing a recipient this week!

In other news, we have the full line-up ready to reveal for SAND, SALT, BLOOD – er, well, actually we kind of already announced it over on our tumblr. But here it is again, with story/poem titles and everything!

Dai Baddley – The Tide Will Bring Thee Home

Grace Daly – Fishing License

Ariel Dodson – Nothing That Doth Fade

A. J. Van Belle – No Ghosts Here

Daphne Fama – Swallow the Ocean

Alicia Hilton – Aqua Warrior Witches Save Our Water!

Miranda Johansson – Holden Ledge

Gerri Leen – I Float

Hayley Lightcap – The Aequor

Noah Lloyd – Save for Joy

Elizabeth R. McClellan – The Truth is As Intimate As The Teeth That Bit Off Your Legs First

Taliesin Neith – A Void, Suspended With That Which Cannot Be Stars

Lucas Olson – Wake

H.V. Patterson – Living Death Beneath the Waves

Marisca Pichette – osedax

Melissa Pleckham – And In Her Eyes, The End

JP Relph – Uncharted

Christopher Sartin – Adrift (Upon a Sea of Apathy)

Max Turner – Undone

Davis Walden – The Odd-yssey

Next up, the cover – which we’re still working on!

– Ben

26th Jan 2023

Hopefully by now you’ve had a chance to look over the details for our brand new LGBTQIA2S+ Horror Writers Grant, and if not, well, take a look up top at the site menu there and get to applying! Applications are open until mid-February.

We’re also busy sending out contracts & cash for the wonderful writers who are a part of our next release, SAND, SALT, BLOOD, edited by the brilliant Elle Turpitt.


You want to know who some of those writers are?

Okay then! Currently on board (pun intended), we have:

Christopher Sartin
Davis Walden
Gerri Leen
Max Turner
Melissa Pleckham
Grace Daly
A.J. Van Belle
H.V. Patterson
Alicia Hilton
Marisca Pichette
Miranda Johansson

More author announcements coming soon!

8th Jan 2023

Happy belated new year! The observant amongst you might have noticed our new PUBLISHING LINKS page to help you find places to pitch stories to & buy stories from, we hope you find it useful.

More news about our new service to help LGBTQIA+ writers coming very soon!

– Ben

30 Dec 2022

What’s coming in 2023 from Sliced Up Press you ask? Well, we have our latest anthology SAND, SALT, BLOOD – edited by Elle Turpitt – coming out in July, there’ll be a new service on top of our existing free editing for LGBTQIA+ writers to give them a helping hand, plus a mystery third thing which will be VERY queer.

Oh, and we’re compiling a list of indie presses as a resource for writers to find homes for their stories, and/or readers to find yet more horror goodness to fill their eyes and ears with.

Hope you all have a great new years, and we’ll see you back here in 2023!

– Ben

1 Dec 2022

Holy heck, floored at this news and delighted to announce that both H.V. Patterson’s Mother; Microbes and Joe Koch’s Blood Calumny, originally featured in our MONSTRODDITIES and BODIES FULL OF BURNING anthologies respectively, have made it into Tenebrous Press’ cracking best-of book BRAVE NEW WEIRD, which comes out in Feb 2023!

24 Nov 2022

Honoured to see that HV Patterson’s Mother; Microbes from Monstroddities has made it to the shortlist of Tenebrous Press’ inaugural Brave New Weird anthology, along with Joe Koch’s Blood Calumny which first appeared in Bodies Full of Burning!

Congrats to all the nominees!

– Ben

19 Nov 2022

Well, twitter seems to be doing even better this week (#sarcasm) so we’ve been weighing our options up for some kind of reliable social media prescence – mastodon is cool and all but doesn’t seem like the best fit for us. Then we were reminded that tumblr is still around, and a little lightbulb appeared over our heads.

So here we are on tumblr if you want to give us a follow over there!

– Ben

13 Nov 2022

So! Seeing as twitter is a hot mess right now, we thought we’d set up an infrequent blog on here just to keep you updated with current news from the world of Sliced Up Press, just in case anything implodes over there, or we decide to jump ship entirely.

After the release of BLOODLESS, works continue behind the scenes towards our next release, SAND, SALT, BLOOD, which is due to come out around July of next year. Similar to BODIES FULL OF BURNING, we’ll be making a donation to the RNLI around the time of release. Of course, it’s never a bad time to donate to a worthy charity, so if you’d like to drop them some money, you can find details of how to donate and their lifesaving work at

We’re also working on a few other anthology ideas to be announced in the new year, as well as something special which we’re not quite ready to announce properly yet…what we can tell you is that it’s hopefully going to help writers out, and that’s all we’ll say for now!

– Ben

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