Bloodless – An Anthology of Blood-Free Horror

Sliced Up Press proudly presents twenty-two takes on terror with no blood or gore.

Let yourself be haunted by these nightmarish visions of past, present and future involving memories of childhood fears, tragic love affairs, interdimensional entities, familial anguish, vengeful spirits, creeping demons and more.

With all-new fiction & poetry from Nico Bell, Amanda M. Blake, Gustavo Bondoni, Donyae Coles, Bri Crozier, Koji A. Dae, Abigail Guerrero, Pedro Iniguez, Vanessa Jae, Ai Jiang, Catherine Kuo, Tyrone Long, Donna J.W. Munro, Lee Nash, Chelsea Pumpkins, Marsheila Rockwell, Vanessa Santos, Sophia Snyder, Roni Stinger, Tehnuka, Max Turner and Jules Vasquez.

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