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Sliced Up Press proudly presents twenty-two visions of peculiar monsters and weird phenomena from around the world, and beyond. Familiar or not, you’ll soon learn to fear what lurks within, whether it’s music stolen from the dead, ravenous beasts of burden, inexplicable bodily growths, or dreadful things slipping through your letterbox. Plus much more!

With all-new poetry & prose from: A. Katherine Black, Die Booth, Lorenzo Crescentini, Maxx Fidalgo, Maija Haavisto, Eve Harms, Pedro Iniguez, Ai Jiang, Joe Koch, Basile Lebret, Sam Lesek, Caitlin Marceau, Avra Margariti, Andrés Menéndez, Tiffany Morris, H.V. Patterson, Sarah Peploe, Stephanie Rabig, David Sandner, Lorraine Schein, Angela Sylvaine and Tabatha Wood.

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Bodies Full of Burning: An Anthology of Menopause-Themed Horror, edited by Nicole M Wolverton.

Menopause can be hell.

With Bodies Full of Burning, Nicole M. Wolverton has selected 16 stories which show how deadly the change of life can be. From state-sanctioned surgeries to transformative encounters with mythical creatures; strained relationships to fiery vengeance, these tales offer thoughtful insights into a topic rarely viewed through the lens of horror.

Featuring all-new fiction from: Joe Koch, Marsheila Rockwell, Monique Quintana, Megan M. Davies-Ostrom, Carman Webb, D.A. Jobe, Dr Bunny McFadden, Julie Ann Rees, Victory Witherkeigh, B.J. Thrower and Karen Thrower, E.F. Schraeder, Jennifer D. Adams, Ali Seay, Jude Reid, Shelby Dollar and Max Turner.

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Praise for Bodies Full of Burning:

Bodies Full of Burning deftly shows the terror and power that come with menopause and with womanhood. Each story crackles with imagination and creativity. Don’t miss this collection!”
Sonora Taylor, award-winning author of Little Paranoias: Stories and Seeing Things

“…if ‘”women’s magic is in our blood,” Bodies Full of Burning encapsulates that power and puts it on display, in all of its many forms, for the world to see.” Rebecca Rowland, Ginger Nuts of Horror

Slashertorte: An Anthology of Cake Horror, features sixteen sweetly sinister stories, which might make you think twice before ordering dessert…

Featuring all-new fiction from: Tiffany Michelle Brown, V Castro, Belinda Ferguson, Douglas Ford, Benjamin Franke, Liam Hogan, R.J. Joseph, Red Lagoe, Madison McSweeney, Jackson Nash, Sam Richard, Kelly Robinson, E Seneca, Risa Wolf, Nicole M Wolverton and Stephanie Yu

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