Submissions open on 1st August 2021 for MONSTRODDITIES!

Final cover art TBC

Sliced Up Press is looking for short stories & poetry involving obscure creatures and phenomena for its third horror fiction anthology, Monstroddities, edited by Ben Walker.

Terrify us with your best story or poem about monsters or unexplained occurrences that are rarely used in horror.

Think cryptids, long-forgotten myths, melt monsters…phenomena like spontaneous combustion, dark matter, physical impossibilities – if you’ve ever wondered why there isn’t more horror about a particular thing, that’s what we’d like to see – the weirder the better. Set it in the present, the past, the future, on Earth or not – as long as it’s frightening.

What we’re looking for:

  • All submissions must be in the horror genre. Bizarro, splatterpunk and extreme horror are welcome, but we don’t want anything involving rape, bestiality etc.
  • As always we’re especially interested in submissions from women, BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ authors
  • No creatures/monsters from any existing properties including SCPs that are not your own unless firmly in the international public domain
  • Please don’t reference real-life cases/victims etc.
  • No “classic” monsters or spins on tropes like zombies, werewolves or vampires
  • All submissions must be original. We will not accept reprints, or stories/poetry published elsewhere, including on blogs, social media etc.
  • Submit your best work in modern or classic manuscript format (as outlined on, as an MS Word .doc or .docx attachment. Anything sent in a different format will be rejected without reply
  • Authors may submit 1 (one) story and 1 (one) poem maximum for consideration – if you want to send both, please send them in separate emails
  • Do not re-send stories/poems that have been rejected for previous calls to Sliced Up Press anthologies.
  • No simultaneous submissions please.


Payment: $50 flat rate per story, $25 flat rate per poem, paid via PayPal, plus 1 x paperback contributor copy

Length: 1,000 words minimum, 3,000 words maximum – longer pieces will not be considered. There’s no minimum word count for poetry submissions.

No exclusivity will be sought. Authors retain all rights to their works after publication.

We are not looking for artwork submissions at this time.

Please don’t submit anything before 1st August 2021 when submissions officially open.

Check back here on 1st August 2021 for full submission guidelines!

Reminder – Sliced Up Press is not open to unsolicited submissions.

Any unsolicited submissions will be rejected without reply.

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